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Performing Arts
Hip Hop Dance

This class teaches kids how to move to their favorite music. Kids will learn fun combination steps and routines in this new and popular style of dance.

This class provides an introduction to piano for students who are new to the keyboard, to encourage further study in music, or initiate a life-long hobby of piano playing. Class will use an original technique to introduce kids to reading sheet music, feeling and understanding rhythm, and playing simple songs.

Glee Club
students for Pre-K through 5th grade, come to music class once a week.
There are ten main standards for Kindergarten through 5th grade:

  1. Singing solo and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

  2. Vocal Health

  3. Singing Do’s and Don’ts

  4. Ear Training

  5. Rhythm

  6. Diction

  7. Stage Fright

  8. Self Confidence

  9. Releasing and Integrating Emotions

  10. Performance 

 (At the end of each 8 week session the students will have the opportunity to showcase their musical talent)

Art Expressions
Each day your child will be introduced to a famous artist by looking at and discussing one of their artworks. Then your child will use this inspiration to experiment with techniques such as charcoal pencils, pastels, watercolor and clay.

Kids in this class will learn how to make characters and stories come to life using visual art, story-telling, and creative drawing techniques. 

Recreation Plus sports programs focus on team-building, self-esteem, and skill training. Our motto for all sports is learning is the goal, winning is the outcome. Instead of simply organizing games, Recreation Plus sports focus on workshopping athletic skills. ​

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